Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Kale Commission

  • Somehow after making kale and white bean soup I still had some greens left over. While most of my favorite kale dishes are rather unassuming (one involves little more than a poached egg, cooked greens, and a piece of toast soaked in broth), I thought I'd be adventurous for once. Pickled onions and avocado? That sounds like it's got spunk! Unfortunately, I found it rather bland. The onions picked up little flavor and the avocado--usually paired with such bright flavors--looked forlorn sitting on top the failed mess I had made myself for dinner. So I'm introducing the failure tag. Fortunately, the other idea on that page is an excellent one: kale chips. I first read about them on Apartment Therapy and many attempts later I have a few pieces of wisdom to share. Start with this recipe (all you need is kale, olive oil, salt, and vinegar), and keep the following in mind:
  • It's fun to play with your food! Do like Dani Spies and massage the oil and vinegar into the kale pieces. Her explanation of how to clean the greens from the stem is also helpful. You don't want to tear your kale too small or they will singe.
  • Do NOT salt the chips until they come out of the over. Trust me on this.
  • Like potato chips, you can practically inhale a bowl of these without noticing. While kale greens are good for you, large amounts of salt are not. The vinegar gives it a real kick so you only need a dusting.

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